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The Dhurvaas are one of the most important tribal groups in Bastar district. Also known as Parjaas (the public), they rank only second in the hierarchy of the Bastar tribals after Bhatras. To prove their high status among the tribals of the region, they preferred to be called as Dhurvaas that connotes the status of some type of Mukhia (the Village Chief). They are very caste conscious people and do not mix with tribes of lower status. The practice of polygamy, having more than one wife, is quite common among them. Like other tribal societies, the women of Dhurvaas too enjoy high status and are liable for most of family maintenance. Normally, men are lethargic and work less except hunting, agriculture and protection of the family.

The primary activities of Dhurvaas mainly include agriculture, hunting, crafts with cane and gathering minor forest products which they sell to traders at a throw away price. Dhurvaa tribes are very brave and can do anything to protect their prestige and dignity. Also, they are very religious and worship many village goddesses. Feasts and animal sacrifices are very much part of their social life and sacrifices of goats, pigs, ducks, chicken and coconuts are made to appease the village goddess. Marriage system is quite similar to other tribes and their women folks enjoy better status in the society. The tobacco and liquor consumption (Mahuva drinks) is a must for celebrations and evening activities of Dhurvaas and are used by men and women, young and old, alike.

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